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Star Trek: Temporal Prime Directive


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STAR TREK T.P.D. (Temporal Prime Directive )


TPD repairs damage to history caused by incursions both accidental and planned.


TPD is located inside of an artificially generated temporal singularity, to insulate it from time storms and to allow the denizens to watch time and history from outside time/space. Changes made to history do not effect TPD crew while at station keeping.

CAST of Characters:

Each member of TPD were taken from various time frames and picked due to specific skills:

Miller Thompson: Captain, TPD team Leader..terse, exacting, specialties are history and espionage, human male.1940's U.S.A., vet of WWII..feels ignorant and out of place most of the time, feels unworthy as leader, afraid he will make a mistake and get someone killed.

T'andyce Miatesh: Commander, Executive Officer, Second in Command..Beautiful, deadly, specialties are security and interrogation, vulcan/betazoid hybrid female.mid 2400's, approximately same time frame as Star Trek, TNG..supressing emotions while feeling those of others.

Prawn Dolor-Tem: Physician, confidant to Miller, jovial, volatile, specialty exobiology, romulan male.mid 2700's, post romulan/federation peace accord..pained by those injured and forced to bear "ancient healing methods", Sympathasizes with Miller, has similar feelings when forced to let someone go.

Krel Horan: Lieutenant, recorder of logs and keeper of records..shy, backwards, specialties advanced mathematics and temporal/quantum mechanics, ferengi female.early 2000's, pre ferengi equality of the sexes,previous slave...still tends to think of self as a slave and unworthy.

Z-Tec: communications officer, houses portable temporal field power plant, logical, accurate, specialties vary as uploaded,jack of all trades,communication, muscle, second generation android male.Late 2400's, improved Sung Design..emotional and emotionless simultaneously, first design with switchable emotion chip, very close friends with John 8.

Gren-Del Daughter of Gren: Chief Engineer, non-com, combative,sly, specialties mechanics, combat, and seduction, klingon female. 2900's, post klingon equality movement, still wishes to be male, violent mood swings

Staff of TPD headquarters:

Admiral N'Gesh (head) Vulcan,late 2900's,.. torn by responsibility to history and to the well being of his Team.

Lieutenant Greelob (OPS) Kardassian, Mid 2600's..still feels pain of earlier unsuccessful battle campaigns and invasions particularly by the Founders..Greatly dislikes Mahew

Torlan Mayhew (CIA to TPD) Changeling, unknown time or place of origin..hates his people for earlier warlike actions in alpha and gamma quadrants. only civilian in TPD.

Lieutenant John 8 (engineering) Borg. Late 2400's, post alpha quadrant/ borg accord...Still connected to collective to derive information and assistance, still feels the "pull" of the collective (a million voices in his head) while being allowed to serve as "I" rather than "WE" Z-Tec is his only friend.

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