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Starbase Indy


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Report this Aug. 30 2005, 3:27 pm

Starbase Indy, Novemeber 25-27:

has confirmed guests:

Dominic Keating
"LT Malcolm Reed" - Star Trek: Enterprise

Max Grodinchik
"Rom" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Aron Eisenberg
"Nog" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Chase Masterson
"Leeta" - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Vaughn Armstrong
"Admiral Forrest" - Star Trek: Enterprise
Other various characters on Star Trek: TNG, VOY, ENT

Lolita Fatjo
Assistant to the Executive Producer and Script Coordinator for: Star Trek: TNG, DS9, VOY
Script Coordinator for Generations and First Contact

Larry & Janet Nemecek
Author Guests of Honor

Richard A. Coyle
Prop Master


James Horan
Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and The Next Generation

Menina Fortunato
"Maras" Green Orion Slave Girl - Star Trek: Enterprise

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