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Report this Aug. 29 2005, 1:59 pm

Greetings...this post is for people who use to play the Starfleet Command games and or still do. This is not an area to spout off about which game is better as that is the problem that pretty much split up the SFC community. Starfleet Command Orion Pirates is where we have decided to try and create a Starfleet Command Four. With the help of Chris Jones's amazing talents and a bunch of the old original SFC fleets beta testing...a version of the "UAW" patch "universe at war" is now available for gameplay and further community testing. With SFC three starting to dwindle/and Empires at war now deceased all serious SFC gamers are invited to try this in Gamespy. New tournaments are now set up several times a week for both CUGS "consortium unlimited gaming services" and KOTH. For more details contact me at the RFA Fleetsite/Starbase...I'm more than happy to help anyone serious and game copies as well as links for setting up OP are available...thanks all...

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