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20 years after nemisis, what should be the...


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Mm.. I love Excelsiors. I even warned up to the Enterprise B after a little while (I think you have to see the model to like it though... every shot in Generations made it look.. well, FAT!;)
Excelsiors are small by the TNG Era.. they're like half the size of a Galaxy class..
I honestly think that they're going to leave Constitutions out of it. Throughout the rest of Star Trek they tried to keep away from it and I think it's because... Enterprise A. The thing about that ship was that it wasn't the ship itself, it was the crew. Even the Excelsior would fall second to Kirk inside of the Enterprise.. The D never did that because they had more time to work with, so once more advanced ships were featured, they used Galaxy's in a few other things as well...

Enterprise A was a legend... I think they're going to leave it at that.
Expect Akira, Nova, Oberth or even Miranda varients (Despite it's size)
Expect Excelsiors to be low-end.
Expect Sovereign REFITS to be near-top of the line.
Expect new ship designs to be at the top and in the middle.

No wait, scrap that. Expect new ship designs to be at the low-end and high-end.. and EVERYTHING else that we know in the medium range. You know how gaming companies are.. Love to be original..

Also... how can you people forget Constellations? There's a solid low-end vessel!


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I guess it all depends on whether or not they intend to make *new* (possibly non-cannon) ships to add to the game. Over 20 years its possible that new ships were implimented (maybe seing some more of the Prometheus for example) and with the mysterious new enemy, changing needs could lead to a need for an updated vessel.

Anywho, if they decided to add new vessels, we'll probably see a lot of the older classes taking a trip to the scrapyards (constitution, miranda, oberth). If not, then its a pretty good bet that all the vessels in use around DS9/Nemesis times will still be in use (in some way).

Personally, I don't like the thought of new ships being added. They're generally adjusted graphics for a ship that serves the exact same purpose of a perfectly good existing ship. I would however like to see little-seen cannon ships taking a more active role - such as the Prometheus, Nova, and Steamrunner.


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Personnaly when I think of small starter ships, I think of..


Of course these are all probably old and decreypit ships, but I'm still stuck in the TOS era.. save for the Runabout and the Steamrunner.

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