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Your vision of typical Gameplay


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This post is intended to show what vision of the typical gameplay we may run into in the final game version, whether from an ensign or up to a captain's point of view.

No arguments or nitpicking please, if you have a different view, then by all means feel free to write up your own vision.

I will write up from the point of a view of a new medical officer, and then a chief medical officer.

Start Game
Enter first and last name(custom) - Klasren Hauk
Select Race(pick from menu) - Human
Enter Place of birth(pick from menu) - Earth
Create a detailed avatar from custom selections - gender, body size, height, hair, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, cheeks, eyebrows, facial hair etc.
Profession - No choice, Recruit, final selection to be made while at the academy.

Enter Game
You enter your quarters. Here the game will give you a brief tutorial here of important things, what your quarters are good for, movement, how to contact others by use of your comm badge, your PDA which is used to keep notes on your personal data, your current assignments/missions, your contact list, map of the area, messages/files from others. The brief tutorial ends by showing you your first assignment is to report to the headmaster of the academy.

You punch up the Assignment tab on the pda to pull up the mission, then click on the map icon to view where you need to go to find the headmaster.

You arrive at the headmasters office, he greets you and begins to tell you of the Federation and it's purpose, of the prime directive etc. He also tells that because of your great potential you may pursue into any of the five main professions available to star fleet personel, Flight, Medical, Tactical, Engineering, Science. He gives you five starting missions, one in each area, to allow you to learn what each profession offers.

You then proceed to do all five missions in whichever order, each of which sends you to the department head, who then explains what the profession is all about, and what will be required of you in different situations.

Once you have done all five missions, you are then sent a pda message to report back to the headmaster. Once you get back, he then asks you which of the five departments you would like to pursue. In this case Medical.

You report to the chief medical officer of the academy. You are then given a series of assignments to learn about the medical profession, including the instruments you will use, and what purposes they serve in different situations. In between assignments you may walk around the academy and visit other areas, including the mess hall, and the holodeck combat or flight training.

As you come back to report your last mission to the chief,  suddenly a message comes in to the comm MEDICAL EMERGENCY IN ENGINEERING LAB B!

The Chief Medical Officer quickly grabs a medical kit, "Ensign follow me."

You grab a medical kit and quickly follow the Chief with wonder of the situation you are about to enter. The chief finally turns to a set of double doors and enters to a room filled with smoke, some consoles on fire and several personel laying on the ground, some with blood and cuts on their  bodies. The chief turns to you and tells you to do a quick assessment of the victims, giving care first to the ones that are more serious.

At this point you will have free reign to examine each victim with your medical tricorder. As you pass the tricorder over each person, you are given a read out and the information is stored for quick access. At this point you begin giving treatment out in whichever order you see fit, any wrong diagnoses and the chief tells you of the mistake and waits for you to select the right treatment(but not too long), when you select the right treatment the chief takes over for that patient and you move on to the next. Too many wrong treatments recommended will result in you having to take the entire assignment series of the profession over again.

Lets say this time you passed.

Chief Medical Officer, "Very good ensign, Computer, end simulation."

"Congratulations Ensign, you are now ready to move on to a Starbase or Starship and receive further training experiences from the chief medical officers of one of those two. Good Luck."

At this point you and your quarters are transferred from the academy to Federation Starbase 355.

Enter Starbase
You appear in your quarters.

"Sickbay to Ensign Hauk."
You click on your comm badge icon, which brings up a menu of preset responses.
"Ensign Hauk here."
"Hello Ensign, this is Chief Medical officer Dr. Bashir, would you report to sickbay immediately please."
You click on the comm badge again to select a response.
"On my way."

Again using your pda you find your way to the sickbay.
You meet with Dr. Bashir in sickbay and he goes over what is expected of a medical officer on a starbase, and reminds you again of the prime directives and the mission Star Fleet. At this point he gives you your first assignment, which is to escort medical supplies to a nearby mining outpost, you will also be required to tend to any medical needs at the outpost if necessary. You head down to the commission office and request permission for a temporary commissioned ship. Seeing as your rank is at Ensign, you are only able to take out a type 11 shuttlecraft.

You head down to the shuttlebay and board your shuttlecraft with the medical supplies already loaded. At this point you may recruit others to your mission, if you feel you will need the extra help, anyone who joins you will be able to pick up some experience as well on completion of the assignment.

You decide to fly out alone on the shuttlecraft, setting course for the mining base, along the way you begin to fully scan the area you pass, recording the data on your pda as well. You get to the mining base with no problems. You enter the base(instance) and then land the shuttle. The commander of the base sends you a message on the comm, thanking you for the supplies, but suggests that you stay on the shuttle as there seems to be some trouble in the base.

As the shuttle is about to be finished offloaded by the base personel, a message echos in the base comm system RED ALERT!

-to be continued tomorrow :)


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Please continue.
I will wait for a proper answer until your story is finished.
For now sufice to say "I LIKE IT".


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i like it too more please :smile:


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Sounds like a solid start/idea thus far. Pretty much what I had in mind too.


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Indeed, its very good and i wouldnt mind if PE takes this whole idea and use it as is.

Cant wait for the next 'episode'  ;).


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sounds good. I would like the intro to be something like that.


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Got an alternative, a little parody maybe off the worst fears off the trekkies.

Captain Kork.
Lt. commander Sp00k, 1. Science officer and Ops manager.
Lt. Skywalker, pilot.
cm. Alica, chief engineer, atm manning an station on bridge.

Kork: ok, now we are getting going with the cardassian raid, all ready?
Sp00k, yes.
Alica:  yes
Kork:ok, then we go, and Sp00k, remember the polaron alpha when we arrive, we will arrive close to the enemy ship, so i want them incapacitated fast.
Sp00k, shure, the deflector is ready to fire, sir.
Kork: ok, take us there.
Skywalker: we will arrive in 2 mins.

A little while, and they arrive, and then, the cardassian ship is in front, they arrive, and its bigger than expected.

Kork: ouch, full power on the polaron cannon.
Sp00k, ok, we will need it, diverting half ships power into deflector array.

All hear warning signals, and see an report on screens about disabled navigational deflector, and an surge off power hits enemy ship.
Kork: fire all torpedoes, all phasers.engi take phasers, pilot use torp
Alicia runs to tachtical, while pilot take control off torps, and Kork take engi control on his display, controlling the shields.

If fast speed they take on the cardassian, emplty front and back torp tubes into ship(the back torps fly round), and shields get weakened, but are holding.

Kork: fire polaron array one more time!
Sp00k: kaptain, then it will be destroyed totally, as it is, ist partially broken already.
Kork:we need it, just shoot.
Sp00k: ok, doing it, routing 75% of ships power into deflector disk.

Ship start to vibrate, and after an explosion, and hail of parts fly toverds the cardassian ship, blowing shields up.
Sp00k: shields down on cardassian due to particle and energy bombardment, two decks without air on us, engineering is in vacuum, and we lost30% of our energy distribution ablility.
Kork, doh, just shoot down him.

The carassian blows up the  shields, fire an torp who wanish into the smoking hole, and hits engineering section. ship turn dark.

Kork: doh,   :(
Sp00k  :logical:  time to repair, it seems.
Alicia: this time rest follow me in space suits, too!!  :angry:
Kork, ok, suits on, raid is an failure...
Sp00k, may i sugest we get an proper cannon, like an array of 10 torpedo tubes if we are supposed to fly this class ship? Only problem would be we had no space for an deflector...
Alicia: just put it on the rimm of dics,use 3 small ones.
Kork, ok, then its settled, then! Get to work.  :)


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I won't write a sci-fi skit, but I do want to say that based on what I've gleaned from PE's press, I envision STO game play to resemble a hybrid combination of City of Heroes/Guild Wars with Trek models and textures.


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That would be a fine way to ease in both established Trek fans and newcomers into the game.

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