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Report this Aug. 23 2005, 10:44 am

Greetings all

i have been a gamer and a Trekker for quite some time now going on 17 years).When i saw that there was a MMO in the making for ST i was thrilled(pardon the pun). As i started to read and think about the idea of a ST-MMO my joy soon changed in consurn. Being a Role Player i dont have a particular good experience with MMO's. After some time of thinking and pondering i finaly have discided to put my ideas out there.

1) Currentcy
Gene's vision is rather clear on the matter. The Federation has become a utopia, money is nolonger and neither is greed. Implementing this into a MMO could be rather difficult except Gene gave us the way to avoid this. Replicators, i already hear somepeople shouting ABUSE, but thats where my ideas come in.

1A) Limited Replicator Usage.
How to prevent the abuse of replicators isnt that hard. Since the ST-Vision intales 'no greed' limit the use of the replicators to a number of times a day or the use of a point system(each item has a number which is then suptracted from your acumilated number,like on Voyager but disguised as no need for greed.). Through the replicator you can have acces to all common items except weapons, armorment ,gold press latinum, ea. Additionaly for more complex things you would have to be assisted by a engineer.

1B) Blackmarket
The question arises what if i want/need something that isnt available on the replicators or for a reason has to be NON-replicated? Well seek out a Ferengi or a blackmarket in a distant corner of the Quadrant. You then can either trade items or goods OR the use of Gold Pressed Platinum.

1C)Gold Pressed Latinum
A new question arises, the Federation doesnt use any currency how will you get the latinum? Gambling! How many times didnt we see a starfleet officer or crewmember gambling at Quarks. If its valuable its bettable. Again i hear some people shouting ABUSE, and they're right but thats where my other idea comes in. The use of a reputation system.

2) Reputation System
The use of a reputation system has several advantages. Wether its to help promote a officer, recognize a briliant scientist or to warn people about a triggerhappy security officer or a gambler, its all achievable by the use of a Reputation system.

2A) Automated system
By completing missions one would gain reputation acording to his performance. This would be without a doubt automated. Helping hostages or survivers escape and getting wounded yourself might get you the reputation of being heroic, while getting the survivers killed might get you the reputation of being careless or even a danger to be around with. Note however reputation gain will be slow, saving one hostage isnt enough to be considered a hero or reliable.

2B) Good and bad
Having a good reputation might get you promoted sooner or open up missions not available to others. This way being a examplairy officer pays of rather well. What if you arent being a good officer? By gambling alot, Shooting your own men on more then one ocasion, failing missions repeatatly your reputation would cut off your access to cutain misions or even demote you.

**currency note**: By gambling alot to get GoldPressed Latinum to buy things will make you a less then examplairy officer, thus lowering your chances to get promoted or even get gambling debts, resulting in additional enemies(hired thugs) on your next missions to get you to pay up. Afterall who wants a hunted gambler with him on a mission.

3) PvP
As things progress, its more then likely that the federation will be the only faction available at the launch. It being a good decision or not, will leave it in the middle. PvP and federation are 2 things that arent compatible by nature. Federation officers and crewmembers killing eachother is something going against the ST-vision.
(see The Icarus Factor of TNG season2)
Think about this for a moment: Its mostlikely that PE will use a Third Person view as its base(see posts of  PE). Thus having a clear view of your character will give you liberty to do many things including stick vs stick combatsport. This would give PvP a nonlethal twist it needs. Tournaments and lader rankings would be a possiblity like in other MMO's. This is but one possible sport that can be used to emulate a nonlethal PvP.

There you have it, some of my ideas. Granted, their not that great but nontheless they could sprout some other ideas with the Dev's or some of the others out there. I would be happy if just one person would read it hehe.


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