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#### you all


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If you ever once think to yourself 'Gee, why is this game lame and predictable', kill yourself. Slit your throat and rip out your larynx. People like you make it so the rest of us are left with substandard games to play. Why you choose to jack off the game companies instead of putting pressure on them for a better game is beyond me. That's right, bend over and take that big black PE cock up the ###.

P.S. Swallow don't spit. No one likes a spitter.


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Umm IBTL?  Obviously TheJovialFelon is not Gellin'.


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I think most of us here are probably pretty demanding. So don't worry yourself. Tell you what go ahead and leave this site for the next six months. We're guarding the fort. We'll supply Perpetual with honest feedback when they ask for it, and continue to offer gameplay ideas. Now hurry and run along...  :laugh:


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And this is how it starts......

Please delete this thread this does not help anyone.


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All I can say is that his name is very fitting...

Let's see how long before he is LOCKED UP!

Come on Harry, we know you can!


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Well he does have a point but he could have said it better. People are wanting the game out quick so they agree with basicly everything PE says without thinking of how bad the game will end up. Then when the game is released they will whine that the game could have been better. I honestly give my opinion but one thing i have always come to expect as a veteran gamer and that is that no matter what the Devs will not truely listen. They say they do but they dont, look at SWG for proof of that.


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This seems like the last place I thought I'd see a post like that..


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Dear God, please don't let these forums turn into the WoW official forums. What a sad day that would be. Ban the original poster. :(


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Wow where did an outburst like that come from?


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Consider your flaming (dirt-bag scum) bum REPORTED.


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Your post has added nothing to the forum. There is no credible nor constructive commenting in your post but simply rather an attack on everyone here. Consider this post reported by another as well.


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*puts up a sign on the front of the topic that says "Please don't feed the trolls"*


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The problem is, people like this guy treat games as if they are politics, he made a raicist comment, didn't post much himself and has probably never played a non-SOE MMOG. He knows that even if what he is saying was true, that it would only make the problem worse and make people thinking that perhaps the devs could do more in certain areas or disagrees less likely to speak up. This forum is demanding in that it produces a lot of impractical ideas, but the idea that anyone except the hardcore trek fan shows up when the game is this far in developement is absurd, also, please don't attack Harry Lang, he is a very nice and dedicated man, this post was annoying enough without somehow making it a way to attack Harry. I know tempers will run high, and I don't personally care if somebody flames me and I lose all credibility in this forum, just try not to let this post make you angry at decenters to Perpetual, as some might have a valid point, others just attack the company and dev team with personal attacks and see this as some sort of nigh on social injustice. Just try not to be surprised if some people treat this like politics, as MMOGs are like another life and people hate to see them fail and some of those people are also asses.:)


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Don't make excuses for that damned S.O.B., he's puke and a maggot!

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