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Report this Aug. 20 2005, 3:26 pm

I'm the Fleet XO for a New Fleet known as Zulu Fleet.  Here is the introduction:

In 2388 after the discovery of a wormhole linking federation space to the distant reaches of the Beta Quadrant Starfleet Command formed Zulu Fleet. After so many years of conflict the Federation has gone back to what they do best. Explore. Even though it has been nearly a decade since the end of the dominion war Starfleet is still a little wary of this section of space.

Nobody knows what lies beyond the reach of the long range sensors of Starfleets new outpost on this side of the wormhole. Will they make friends or powerful enemies. What sort of fascinating worlds and civilisations will they discover. There are many questions facing Zulu Fleet as it stands proudly at the forefront of this new era of exploration. But one thing is for certain. Zulu-Fleet ships will boldly go where no federation vessel has gone before.

We have just started recently and we are looking for some people to fill command positions as well as join some of our ships or even apply for commands of there own.

If your interested or just wanna check out the Zulu Fleet Webpage

As I said we are a new fleet so we don't have much for information but since it takes place in an unexplored region of space (At least in this sim) as the various ships carry out their missions they will be in a sense making and adding information to the history and database.

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