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A 3D Tactical Map in Bridge Consoles


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Report this Aug. 05 2005, 10:52 am

After reading the dev blog, I began to think how should the helmsman/ops/tactical and the Captain perceive outer space?

External tactical view seems to say "You are the ship". This to me would sour the immersion factor. So I thought maybe the following would suit better:

Helmsman (Flight Ops) Console:

A player manning Helm (or any position) should be able to view his console AND the primary view screen. At a keypress, they can focus on the console itself.  The helmsman would have access to ships speed, course and heading, with the ability to change with a few keystrokes or even mouse clicks. The helms console would also contain at its center 1 of 3 selectable maps:

1). Galactic Map: This is a graphical 3D map  representing the Beta quadrant, with pickable points one could use to plot courses for warp travel (see EVE online map system to get a better view of this idea)

2). Local Sector Map: More detailed than the Galactic map, this map includes objects within impulse range, and to a greater extent real time objects detected by the ships long range sensors (operated by the Ops person) that the helmsman can pick and plot courses to.

3). Tactical Combat Map: Depending on whether we will have 2D or 3D combat, this map shows the ships current position in space relative to a enemy ship. This map could be a real time map (i.e. putting that external view right here) or it could be a simple you are this dot,.the enemy is that dot. Either way the map would be in a grid format for ease of reference between tactical, helm, and the captain. "Fire at grid 1,0,2 (enemy ships aft shields)" "Helm, move to grid 3,3,2 (starboard of the enemy vessel"

The tactical map could be used by Helm, Tactical, and to some extent the captain. The Local sector map would be available to Ops, and the Captain.

Ops Con:

The ops con would have access to various screens relating to ships state of health (along with the engineering console), ships resources (i.e. power levels of ships systems, shield strength etc), long range sensors. The console would also have access to the Local Sector Map to use in conjunction with long and short range sensors for identifying ships, and other real time objects.


This console would use to a lesser extent a ships resource screen (only featuring weapons and shields stats),  and ship state of health (limited to ship security to include hull breaches). The shining point of this position is the Tactical Combat map. It is here that the map becomes vary detailed, featuring your weapons firing arcs in relation to your ships position to the enemy (see Starfleet Command PC games for a idea), short range sensor control to scan enemy ships (shared with Ops), as well as detailed casualty and damage reports on your ship.

Science: This is intergrated into the Ops con

Engineering: A engineering console is present on the bridge. It containts screens detailing ships state of health, ships resources (information only), damage reports for use in effecting repairs, ships internal schematics for rerouting power, data, and control, Warp Core status and impulse engine information.

Captains Chair: The captain will have all visual screens available to him, however he is unable to actually make changes via these screens. He also has ships communications control here (shares with Ops)

First Officer: Shares similar abilities with Captain minus ships comms. Has the ability to overide another players console and control that console in a limited fashion (smaller screen, can execute emergency helm manuvers only, can set weapons to auto-fire when they come into range, etc)

This map/screens in the console interface requires teamwork, but doesn't blind a player from doing thier job..unless the ops person gets up to use the bathroom and forgets to activate long range sensors

Sounds better than getting a god's eyeview to me

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