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Report this Aug. 05 2005, 8:27 am

i am planing a new rpg.There are 4 ships
The USS Nightingale
The Khaless ro'
The Telshire asult ship
and The Ferengi Trade shp.

I will be the organiser and i will hire 4 crews.Together you have to trade prosper or fight each other....This wll be organised...Each ship will have an msn space to discus things then there will be a war/negociation page that all teams may come on...I will moniter this so if war is declared u can not fight straight away...
I am not starting this now but if you are interested just tell me. we need:
A captian
1st officer
Medical Chief
Helm officer
Tactical and ops

things like counseller and optional.
Well tell me plz.

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