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Ship Commissioning and Merging Guilds


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Report this Aug. 03 2005, 8:52 pm

This is an issue that my fleet is discussing and I could use all yoru takes on it.

We have been made away that a guild eventually gaining a PC ship could also then later on begin gaining additional ships, which officially would begin that guild as a Fleet.

Our discussion is based on our RP of creating 2 ships in our fleet prior to release, at release each ship will then run the crew with the thought of later merging, as I do not want to pretend to be a fleet if it is not STO official. Although, we had made this decision without acknowledging that we may not be able to merge the ships into a fleet.

With that in mind, I have had thoughts that it is best to wait and see, running our single crew, UNTIL we actualy find out solid info that is planned for impenation to help in making a decision.

What are your thoughts on the matter and your suggested course of action. This would refer to multiple ships merging into a fleet, could it be possible, etc.

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