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*The Forge* Script for Sale on E-bay Signed


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Report this Aug. 02 2005, 5:57 pm

An autographed original script of *The Forge* is up for bid on e-bay...

*The Forge*


"The Forge"

Description: This script for the Star Trek Enterprise TV series was written
by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. "The Forge" was produced for the
final season of Enterprise. This script was donated by J&G Reeves-Stevens
to The Lost World Convention and is autographed by and signed with a special
message by J&G Reeves-Stevens.

** Note: This is the actual script as given to us by J&G Reeves-Stevens. This is not a photocopy and the autographs are original and handwritten by J&G Reeves-Stevens

The script as described by J&G Reeves-Stevens: " 'The Forge' is the
final shooting script, so it varies slightly from the finished episode because it
doesn't reflect all the changes that occurred during filming and post-production."

About the seller: The Lost World Convention is an annual event held
each year to celebrate the TV show The Lost World and to raise money for
charity. This year The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation was
chosen to benefit from money raised as part of this year's convention
and related fund raising activities. J&G Reeves-Stevens were brought in as
writers during the second season of the The Lost World TV show and
during the third season were Supervising Producers for the show. The Lost
World Convention thanks J&G Reeves-Stevens for their support of the convention and
its charitable endeavors and for their personal appearances at the annual
convention held in Los Angeles each August.

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