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Virgin Galacitc - A New Space Fleet?


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Report this Jul. 29 2005, 8:14 pm

You are not going to believe this but - here, read for yourselves.  :O  


*Update: And as if that's not big enough news:
Remember that 10th planet that was sighted briefly in 2003, that they said might not qualify to be a planet? Uh oh, they've looked again, and it's bigger than Pluto. Check out the story here:


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Report this Sep. 07 2005, 7:47 am

Xena (the alleged tenth planet)


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Tight! sounds awesome.


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"Virgin Galactic"? lol, I can't join then!

j/k :laugh:  :p


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and their first ship will be the VSS Enterprise  :cool:  :cool:  :cool:

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