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STSF Events for Monday, July 25


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Report this Jul. 25 2005, 5:04 pm

The Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF) has the following events scheduled for Monday, July 25, 2005.

In the Holodeck Chat Room at

Starfleet Academy - 10 pm Est - 11 pm
  -  Open to All Players regardless of experience

In the Ready Room at

USS Manticore - 11 pm Est to Midnight
  -  Covert Black-ops missions to preserve the Federation way of life
        (open to Academy Graduates)
USS Republic - 11 pm Est to Midnight
  -  Exploration and diplomacy on the Federation / Gamma Quadrant border
        (open to Academy Graduates)

All STSF chat rooms can be reached from the Community - Chat Events page on

For more information on the Star Trek Simulation Forum, please visit our webpage at

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