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Cynergi Fleet


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Report this Jul. 21 2005, 8:39 pm

Cynergi Fleet is here again, after the merger of TF10 to form TF Gamma in hope of Peace. Now that has failed to war with the Romulans and there allys.

Cynergi Fleet is trying to preserved the peave of the Alpha Quadrant and keep the Romulan Empire at bay again.

The year is 2381, and Cynergi Fleet, after the lost of Task Force Gamma and there HQ has formed in the wake of the Romulan attack on the Fleet at the location of Space Station Discovery, a mightly station.

Cynergi Fleet is different from other fleets now since are ships are now one forum apart. SS Discovery, Cynergi Fleet Academy, and the main HQ for the Fleet Adminstrative is all located on one board to let internship happen there.

All other ships are forums based and not division based.

SS Discovery, USS Delphia A, USS Amsterdam, and the USS Lighting are in need of crews now.

All new members coming into Cynergi Fleet are require to go throught the fleet which is short or long given the time you have to RPG.

You can by pass the Academy if you got experience and become an Warrant Officer or start as an Enlisted crew if you don't want to go throught the academy.

The following are the links to some of the fleet. Our website is dopwn until I can finish it. The TF Gamma site is up and has moe information in different subjects.

Cynergi Fleet Command HQ - SS Discovery The Station is not yet up on the boards but will be by the end of Saturay.

USS Lighting

Please check these sites out and join if you wish.

ft. Adm. Chris Blaisdell
Cynergi Fleet Commanding Officer

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