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USS Triton - Interpid Class


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Report this Jul. 21 2005, 11:10 am

Welcome to the USS Triton the Interpid class under the command of Captain Leo Harper. The USS Triton is a independent simm that belongs to Task Force 39.

I welcome you to the Triton's site and please feel free to go around all of the site/forum.


Captain Leo Harper


Its 2381...

One Year Ago forces under the Command of Admiral David Moore led a strike force and started a war, that would ensure Alien presence would remain a part of the Federation's greatest asset, Starfleet. During Starfleet's last great war with the Borg, Cynergi System was the site of the last great battle. Starfleet had finally drove the Borg away from the Alpha Quadrant, but the forces of Task Force 39 have returned to reclaim Space Station Apollo, and begin the long road to recovery.

For the Tritons Website click here
On the website it links to the forums.

IF you would like to join please apply go to manifest and then apply..Also you do NOT have to fil out all the bio All postions are open for now.

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