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Your ships hull is infected with a virus,


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Report this Jul. 19 2005, 6:19 pm

If you come across a sub-mission like the virus infection to your ships hull, while your doing a cargo run mission to a starbase, would you get upset #1.

#2 Do you see missions like this being good for your engineering crew?

The Virus would be the type that eats metals, it would take time to put holes in your ship, but all the same it's not a good thing.

But no matter if it's something like the above, or if it's other things that go wrong on a main mission, would you like to see sub-missions pop up for your crew.

I used engineering as an example BTW.


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I was recently playing Knights of the Old Republic, and this thread just reminds of the little missions that happen aboard your starship in that game as you progress. I certainly would love to see some side missions come up involving things going on aboard your vessel. A combination of serious and tongue-in-cheek ones would be nice to see. For instance, the virus one could be a serious mission going on, that you will need to deal with sooner or later before your hull gets comprimised. A less serious one might be a tribble getting loose in the starship and slowly taking it all over.

Anyways, I love the idea. It has my full support. These things shouldn't be too random, though. There should be some specific triggers. If you get a strange virus, for instance, it would be because you docked with some non-standard vessel that passed things on to you. Having it be purely random just wouldn't sound good.


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Sub missions are good.

As Tal says though, there should be a trigger. A random mission for the hell of it (barring distress signals, they are their own reason) just breaks the flow.

The trigger should be subtle though, otherwise people will have a documented list within a week of what things to do or not do to activate certain missions.



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This reminds me of the ST:TNG episode where Riker joined the Klingon ship in a officer exchange program.

And I think if you impliment it where your ship becomes a contaminent and can effectually infect other player ships it would be cool as well.

All in all little missions like this wouldnt upset me at all. It'd probably put some excitement into what would otherwise be a boreing delivery mission. Especially if they could cause you to fail you're more important misison.

I also agree with Tal and Ortus, they shouldnt be too random. It would be rather annoying if you got a bad glitch or just unlucky and had 3 ship endangering things happen at the same time when you have a minimum amount of crew.


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car wash .. err ship wash.. or fly though a sun.. works for me


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Well, flying through a sun might burn off some things besides the virus :o


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Well, if you detected the hole in the hull at an early stage (which I think would be the case most of the time as the sensors do periodic sweeps of the hull) you could just jettison that one hull plate and replace it....

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