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Warp 2006


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About Warp 2006

Trekkers Norway are proud to present WARP 2006 - the first Norwegian Star Trek Convention featuring actors and other celebrities connected with the series. The convention will take place in the oil capital of Norway - Stavanger. Closed for polluting and noisy cars, and situated only minutes from some of our most beautiful fjords and mountains, the town is a highlight by it self. Our guests will be Robert Picardo (The doctor from Voyager), Ethan Phillips (Neelix from Voyager), and Barbara Adams (from "Trekkies 1 & 2"). In addition Roger Nygard (producer of "Trekkies 1 & 2") and Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar from TNG) are invited to start filming for "Trekkies 3".

The convention will take place in two of the most popular facilities in town; The culture house Sxlvberget, situated in the very heart of town, and Folken - the students own concert house and cafeteria, situated only five minutes by foot from Sxlvberget. Part of the Convention will be open for everyone to enjoy and free of charge, while other activities are opened for everyone buying a ticket. In addition to this all guests buying a convention ticket before May 2006 will be invited to join the actors at a breakfast meeting closed to people in general, as well as securing a seat at the stage interviews with the actors.

The program will be developed during the spring of 2005 and the fall of 2006 and may be subject to changes. Notice that the contracts we have with the actors are tentative and subject to change if the actors should get caught up in a new film. Should this occur, all tickets will be refundable. The convention will still take place with Barbara Adams as guest, and with everyone getting their chance at participating in "Trekkies 3". These pages will be in English only and will continue to develop over the next months. Make sure to bookmark it and visit it at least once a week.


Ethan Phillips // Neelix // VOY
Robert Picardo // The EMH // VOY
Denise Crosby // Tasha Yar // TNG
Roger Nygard // Producer // Trekkies 1 & 2


For obvious reasons the program will be under constant development during the year before the actual convention. This is however the preliminary program:


Naturally the actors will be signing photos from the series, and whatever you might bring or buy at the convention. The prices are normally 100:- and 150:-


Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips will be taking us on a journey trough their careers and behind the scenes on the Star Trek set  with some exciting gossip.

Boat Trip

Friday before the convention starts we'll visit The Lysefjord outside Stavanger by boat together with the Star Trek actors.


Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips have put together a wonderful stage performance, where we get to meet their old characters the doctor and Neelix. A highlight.

Photo Shoot

Saturday well take your picture together with the stars and have it printed out for 100:-. You may bring it for the Sunday signing for an autograph at the regular price.

Sci-Fi Market

Naturally you can by Sci-Fi and Fantasy related toys and books at the convention. We'll get back to you on what companies we'll invite for this.


We'll be showing several long feature movies during the convention, and among them "Roddenberry on Patrol" - staring several Star Trek actors.

Short Films

Here you'll get to see Star Trek episodes, as well as the making of, interviews, bloopers, commercials aso.

Dinner Party

Saturday night we'll meet at a local restaurant for dinner together with the Star Trek actors.

Alien Cafi

Naturally we'll be serving alien food during the convention. Everything from Klingon Gagh to Andorran ale. You may also buy Neelix Cookbook at the Cafi.

Breakfast Meeting

Those of you with pre-ordered tickets may join the actors for breakfast at their hotel. The section will be closed for anyone else.


As Science and Sci-Fi are closely connected we'll be presenting a handful of interesting astronomical lectures during the convention. More info to follow.

Alien Invasion

Unfortunately Stavanger will be invaded by aliens during the Convention, but if we stick together we just might live through it.

Role Playing

A number of tables will be offered for any role-playing groups interested in meeting during the Convention. We'll bring in an expert to take charge of this.

Writers Meeting

We have invited Tor Ege Bringsvfrd together with the Norwegian translator of Harry Potter - Torstein Bugge Hxverstad. We're waiting for an answer.


All children can choose to be painted as different kind of aliens. No charge!


We can certainly promise that youll bring home with you a lot of good memories and new friendships lasting far beyond the convention.

For more info please visit Warp 2006

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