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11thFleet Open Recruitment


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The Spartan Vanguard the 11thFleet, which we are a StarTrek, based Fleet though we are also branching out into other games. We have been around for a better half of a decade and is having open recruitment for Star Fleet Command division. We are large fleet that needs good experience and not experienced pilots.

Normally we dont do an open recruitment though we have reorganized the way we do things and that includes recruitment and we are looking to fill about 16 slots and perhaps more to have a commanding fleet within the SFC3 arena.

We are an open door fleet, you can come to anyone to talk about different stuff. Ranks are based on one on one base and the ability to fly and a good player attitude.

We are looking for two Commanders for two squadrons, two LtCommanders and it would be based on skills and your fun of the game.

We play many of the mods including NDF, Island wars, Unity, Dominion Wars, and many other mods that are in the SFC3 arena.

Also we control our own Non-patched Server that we will be changing to a patch server.

If you want to become part of the one of the greatest fleets that has been around for a long time, we would welcome any new person to join our Family. Even if you want to see what type of other games that we play you and all are more than welcome to come and visit or join other areas.

If interested please contact ComLegion or myself ScptAcidrain

Remember to have fun and enjoy the game.




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Please use the Role Playing and SIM board


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Quote (CaptainMattNukawi @ June 27 2005, 4:34 pm)
Please use the Role Playing and SIM board

He is recruiting for a clan which plays the various Star Trek games, it isn't RPG related.


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Oh, sorry. I must be confused. Sorry again.

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