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The general "what would you do?" thread


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Report this Jun. 23 2005, 1:20 pm

I advise the mods to stick this, this thread will make a lot of other (partly not yet written) threads unnecesary


Supose your character is a [RACE] with profession [PROFESSION], level [LEVEL] and rank [RANK] serving on the starship [SHIPNAME], class [SHIPCLASS], population [POPULATION] under the command of [CAPTAINNAME]. Your ship ([SHIPNAME]) has the mission [MISSION] and therefor needs to move to the [SYSTEM]-system. Suddenly [ENEMYNUMBER] [ENEMYRACE] [ENEMYSHIPCLASS](s) decloack(s) on your [SIDE] side and start(s) firing its/their [ENEMYWEAPON](s). [CAPTAINNAME] orders his tactical officer ([SECURITYOFFICERNAME]) to fire the [WEAPON]s and the [OTHERWEAPON]s at the [ENEMYSHIPCLASS](s).
The [ENEMYSHIPCLASS](s) destroy(s) your [VITALSYSTEM] so your engineer [ENGINEERNAME] needs to fix them within [TIMELIMIT] or you will all (the entire crew of [POPULATION] people) die.
As a result the engineer needs to report to deck [DECK] to repair the damage to [VITALSYSTEM], however as he enters turbolift [TURBOLIFT] he finds the ships counseler (an [COUNSELERRACE] [MALE/FEMALE]* named [COUNSELERNAME] severely hurt on the floor.
Because [ENGINEERNAME] can't leave [COUNSELERNAME] to die, he brings here to you, but you are currently busy with [JOB].
What would you do?

*In case you chose a race with only one or more then 2 genders, please skip this part

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