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Report this Jun. 19 2005, 6:37 pm

What would you like to see in STO, it could be from a really powerful ship to the ability to have a NPC wife/husband (seems pointless I know).

I would really like to see is if you could design new ship classes but then they place would get so flooded with custom made ships it wouldnt be star trek so thats that idea out the window.

Maybe if you had the ability to actually explore the universe like you could be on expoloring missions and the people making STO could have already created the whole galaxy that we can explore but would take so long to do that by the time STO shuts down the servers there would still be alot of the area still unexplored!

Well these are ideas that I can think of when Im tired, if I wasnt tired I'd end up thinking that its a good idea to have a weapon that fires flaming domestic cats which stick on contact and explode 1 second later with a blast which is as powerful as the H-Bomb!

im shutting up now.

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