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Your Opinion of a monthly fee for STO


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Report this Jun. 21 2005, 4:50 am

Hey guys, speaking of subscription fees and such:

  Do you think if Via/Viab/PA, Harry pushed for a Master Edition of both SFC and BC (maybe Away Teams and Elite Forces) and did a 'credit card, download only, low subscription fee, Print on demand manuals,  auto patching website...would it make money as there is a big itch to play those games again before the release of STO?

  Because with all this talk lately I've been itching to reload some of those games...but at the same time, when I get to the sites for updates and patches it's a damned nightmare.  Half the time everything is crashing.   (yea yeah...sure the latest release for BC won't crash.  :rolls eyes:)

  Anyway.  I think they could stand to make a small mint if they moved on it before STO.  Words move fast out of here, STGU, STOnet, etc etc.  Real fast.  We communities alone have enough push after all these years to put the word out in a hard way and because it's Star Trek all gaming media that exists now would just automatically carry the news from there (ahhhhh Morgan Webb.  :le sigh:)

  Perhaps those games and future editions of those games have a chance against STO after it release...but I just don't believe they will.


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Bleh I suggest you go back and read the same argument we had on this subject about a month ago in another thread GBJackson. Stop comparing guildwars to a regular mmog, they're not in the same boat.


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and the months before that too

its gettin a tired argument

those free games you listed are laughable at best they dont even come close to a modern MMO in terms of depth gameplay or longevity

dont even get me started on guild wars its just liek the game savage but a little bit better

ill happily pay a monthly subscription that matches exsisting prices out there what i would like to see is a way to pay other than credit card so that its an open market to everyone not just those with a card.


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Hmm, I'd probably be willing to pay 'the going rate'- whatever that happens to be at the time, I'm not sure if I'd settle for paying less per month for a larger unit price, or prefer a little more per month justified by a low cost unit price...

As for comparisons with Guild Wars, that game just isn't old enough yet to see if that model works in the long term, yeah it sounds good in concept (to some), but is it something everyone else is going to adapt too? Not straight away, if at all- but I'm sure they are keeping an eye on how it goes.

I obviously accept that this game is going to be P2P, but I wouldn't pay 'any price' per month, I have my own limits, hopefully it will be competitive and comparable to other products in the genre upon launch, as the original FAQ stated.


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i think that both prices should be low. If this game is to be very popular, it needs to be cheap. More so with the people
that don't watch star trek or never heard of it. If they hear
that the game is awesome, but then see the price for the game to be pricey (like $49.95 for the game and $19.95 for
3 months online**just making up numbers here**) even i won't get it.And i am semi-trekkie!! What is a Semi-trekkie? Someone thatloves startrek, but keeps it quiet to themself!!!


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Well if you want a good to great game, that will take money to do, and having a monthly fee will only add to making STO that way. If you want a game were things pretty much stay the same, then get a game like Guild Wars. Guild Wars doesn't need the server size like other online games from what I seen, so they can get away without charging the players extra. But I did hear if you want an update you will have to pay.


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Kinneas there will be a large upsurge in trek stuff before the launch of STO. I dont think however repackaging games that did only so well before will get them going again. Who knows?



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I'll pay any amount if the game's worth it, measured by it's quality and amount of immersion.   I'm willing to reward those who did something right for once.

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