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Well I hit the 1000 mark on these forums, so let me mark it with these 2 questions.

Should we have the home worlds of the starting races at launch?


How would you like to see the game start, after you make your guy?

As far as the home worlds in my mind, I think PE should at least try to get them in, at least have then in some way and from.

And the opening of the game once you make a person, maybe you will get a shuttle ride down to the academy, and you are met by one of the professors of the school down there.


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Yes, go to Starfleet Academy, and congratulations.


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Post whore :P

As for all the starting races planets? Im not sure. Earth certainly as that is where the Academy is.

As for the graphical start of the game, probably a beam in sequence. It would explain the sudden appearance of newbies as if from nothing.



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You made on thread while yo could have made two? :O

I advise you to visit a doctor ;)


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Post Count doesn't matter..I've learnt this because of tens of thousands of posts i've made over various forum... Its just a measure of activity, and in somecases, useless posting in topic which you have no real need to say anything. *shrug*

Congrats though, and have a happy year of merry new questions posting.

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