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USS Renegade RPG/SIM Recruiting


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This is a Star Trek based RPG set in the era of the Dominion Wars.
The year is 2374 and the USS Renegade is an Akira Class battle cruiser assigned to covert missions inside Dominion controlled space in the Alpha and Delta quadrants.
On her missions she will unravel dark secrets and fight overwhelming forces in order to restore peace and order to the Alpha Quadrant.

Look around ( and learn more about the USS Renegade-A and her brave crew of both high ranking Star Fleet officer and wild loose cannons that couldn't find a place on any other ship. The Renegade is the second ship to bear the name and she is looking for a new crew. If you feel you up to the challenge join her crew and become part of the adventure.

The following positions are still available:

-> Helm Officer
-> Ship's Counselor
-> Chief Engineer and Engineering Crew
-> Security Personnel
-> Chief Medical Officer and Sickbay Personnel
-> Science Department Personnel
-> Ideas for other positions always welcome

Visit our website at and fill out our short online application and enlist today!

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