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Star Trek: Echoes - The key to the future...


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ST: Echoes allows players to assume the role and identity of a character of their own creation and join fellow players aboard a starship set within the Star Trek Megaverse.

These experiences and adventures are recorded in a mailing list with the other players or crew of each vessel, with mission arcs or stories being supervised and moved along by the Game Moderator who is also the Commanding Officer of the vessel. These games, normally known as Play By Email or PbeM, as well as Chat-based games, allow for as indepth and visceral a story as any work of fiction - only more so, since the experiences and writing skills of your fellow crew members add to, enhance and create an interwoven storyline through numerous viewpoints.

Each player in ST: Echoes is assigned a very specific role or position on a starship. Because each character and each position has their own responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses, to complete their tasks, players are going to have to figure out how to combine their character's unique abilities with that of their teammates to solve puzzles, defeat villains and complete quests.

These adventures are closely monitored by the Game Moderator, who determines the outcomes of their ideas, moves the story along with additional posts, and provides the necessary details so that the players can creatively respond and participate in the adventure as it unfolds. The timeliness, quality and dedication of the players, though, ultimately lead to the success or failure of any game, and ST: Echoes is no different.

Right now, we have a total of three games running, and a fourth in preproduction:

Play By Email Games:
Post-Nemesis Era Trek
The USS Monarchy, a Sovereign Class Explorer setting off on its first mission following the end of the Dominion War and its aftermath, to explore a cluster of stars near the edge of the Galaxy...

The USS Revolution, an Akira-Class Cruiser, wounded and beaten along the Breen/Federation Frontier, the mighting Rev is licking its wounds at Utopia Planetia before taking to the stars once again...

Chat Games:
Post-Nemesis Era
The USS Triumph, a Galaxy Class Explorer returning to duty after finishing a five year mission and refit...

TOS Movie Era
And we are preparing to launch the USS Discovery, an Excelsior Class Explorer that will be sailing into the brave new universe following the first Khitomer Accords, our first TOS Movie era game.

If you have any questions, please, be sure to let me know, I'll be more than happy to respond.

Steve Mallory
GM: USS Monarchy
Co-Manager: Star Trek Echoes

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