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Report this Jun. 10 2005, 8:34 am

Quote (Tal_Shiar_Officer @ June 09 2005, 3:43 pm)
Yeah, I've had your idea in mind for a while, though not completely in the form that you present it. It encourages players to do well on missions without hurting their previous work. Just remember this is a perma-death thread, though.

ps - As mentioned before, this thread was not intended to be strictly speaking on permadeath. Several other things were brought up but since permadeath is a hot button it spiraled that way.


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Report this Aug. 30 2005, 1:56 pm

I think this topic is "off topic" (.... EHH???)

I would argue that those of you who are pro permadeath, have a reason for it that has nothing to do with death, or anything related to realism of it.

Let me ask this question: Isent this about that you want all those punks who play a game, to think twice before they act. To make the game less grindable, and last but not least. To have a gameplay spirit, where players show respect for the enviroment, instead of rushing through it?
If so. Is it then really nessecary to aproach the problem with punishment of PD? Maybe we could solve it otherwise. I dont have the solution, but there has to be a better one.

I must admit I would like the fact that IF lets say I PvP, my kills dont come back after me an hour later. He he, but I would never wish to permanantly die myself. And I think that though is shared with most of you who are considering PD. You want realism of death (that makes those jerks think about what they are doing) aslong it dosent hit you. Becaus you do know how to play the game properly dont you?

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