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Wormhole yes, time machine no


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Quote (trekie2568 @ June 12 2005, 2:26 pm)
How do you know that you would be able to "jump" back in to the wormhole and not die like in the show stargate?

what to prevent you? if you can transverse it in one direction it should be transversable in the reverse.

The major problem is that with quantum wormholes, attempting to enter it could result in a burst of energy being release frying anyone that attempts to enter it.. This is amplified by ones that connect a past time line to a future one.


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Quote (lanceromega @ June 06 2005, 12:09 pm)
actually we can create negative energy via the Casimir effect. Basically by using two metal plates and placing them apart by a distants of about 1 micrometer we can generate an attractive force due to quantum fluctuation that create an area of negative energy or exotic matter. see the following diagram:

who is this guy....andy rooney?


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