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Your ship loses power, what next?


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Report this Apr. 18 2005, 5:54 pm

Ok what if your on a mission doing whatever, and you get hit with massive power failure to your ship. I mean everything but life support goes offline. So you out in the middle of nowhere, with no power, and you need to breakout flashlights to look around.

What the heck do you do now?

It has happened before on different shows and movies, so what needs to happen to get your power back.
And no you have no clue why your power dropped like it did, but it has something to do with the area of space you just crossed.


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Report this Apr. 18 2005, 6:11 pm

First of all I would give my Engineer a right beating.  Then I would have him thrown in the brig.  Later I would get the information I needed to fix the ship out of him

I would also pray that no Borg were around!

Seriously though:

In the updated FAQ it says that if your ship gets disabled you are towed back to the nearest Starbase.  And apparently all space trips are really short, so being towed back from the Delta Quadrant might take a few minutes!

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