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Your Denfence mission, if you will take it!


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Report this Apr. 15 2005, 2:07 pm

You have been give a Prometheus Class ship to use on this mission, you can't keep it, but this will be a final push to getting your 1st commisioned ship if you succeed.

1. Prometheus Class

What you have to protect are the following:

1. Subspace Relay Station

2. Argus Array

3. Amargosa Observatory

I know these place are not close to each other in cannin, but just for this mission you have them in the same system. Each site is placed close to the 3, 4 and 5 planets in the system, the order isn't important. But at all cost you must not let them be distroyed.

Your help is the following:

1. Steamrunner Class

2. Galaxy Class

3. Akira Class

You have about 5 others in the area, but you will have to call them for help. ETA is 10 minutes once you call them. Plus there is one Starbase that is close to the 4th planet that can send you runabouts to help.
The Ships are the Following:

1. 2 Nebula Class

2. 1 Soverign Class

3. 2 Defiant Class (no cloak)

4. Danube Class

The Spacedock:

Once you enter the system, you have no idea what is about to happen, and you can't call for more help until you know what your dealing with.

The enemy are rogue 8472 aliens that found the Federation, and they want to blow up all they can.

They have the following ships:

1. 8472 Bioship (10)

2. 8472 Planet Killer (12)

The mission is simple, keep species 8472 from distroying anything in the system, you have to last out 3 waves of them. Each wave comes in from 5 to 10 minutes apart, so timing is everything. They also double in size from the 1st count you start with. Also if the Starbase is saved, you get bonus points, but the main targets are what will fail the mission for you if they are blown up.

This mission will see if you have what it takes to command a ship of your own, so what and how you do things will reflect on your leadership points.

So what would you do to win this mission?

BTW: Once I am an Admiral, and I plan on being one, I will be making killer missions for the packs given hehe. This is just a taste of what I would do if I had this kind of setup lol.


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Report this Apr. 15 2005, 6:00 pm

Looks like I scared off everyone on this mission lol. Oh and I know I misspelled defence in the title hehe. No ones perfect.


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wow looks like I finally made a mission no one will try to do.


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Fine, I'll do it. Since I am assuming this is Star Trek: Online time and post-Nemesis, Voyager has returned. I hope that some modified nanoprobes at my disposal. If there are, I just laugh as I easily destroy Species 8472.

If I don't have the modified nanoprobes, then I am screwed. The whole fleet is. Species 8472 blew up Borg Cubes with ease. What chance would our small armada thingy have?


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Ok if those guys are too hard, then how about replacing them with these guys. I know it's not likely they can get to Federation space, but lets just say a new wormhole opened from their space. What if the Kazon wanted to invade the Federation. They would test the federations defences out with a attack probe of ships.

1st wave would be:

1. Kazon Raider (10)

2. Kazon Torpedo (15)

Once they sent the 1st wave to see how you react, then the main force would follow. Double the forces to start, followed by these guys.

1. Kazon Predator (6)

2. Kazon Shuttle (20)

Same thing as before, you need to repel the invaders, and save all stations in the system. Plus you still have the same help as before. But this time, if the Kazon get a foot hold in the system, you don't fall the mission, but you will need to regroup with a counterstrike of forces. You will get a counted of 40 minutes to retake the system, and you will face a force of 5x the number of Kazon on your return. So it will be in your best effort to stop them the 1st time around. If you have to retake the system, you get lower leadership points, due to the fact you lost the stations, but if you stop the invaders with only some damage tot eh stations, you get max bonus points to your leadership, and you get your comissioned ship.

So can you handle this one over the other?


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Report this Apr. 16 2005, 6:24 pm

Okay i'll bit, first I would send the Galaxy to the array, Streamrunner to the Observatory, and the Akria to the Relay Station. With these ships standing guard, I would then call the Starbase and ask for the back-up ship to be sent in; they will be a surprise for the 2nd wave, but the Runabouts would stay at the Starbase and they would act like a fighter screen defending the starbase; since the Starbase is big enough to take care of itself with it's 70+ Phaser arrays.

The Prometheus, I would use this ship as a rover between the key points. I would start with the Streamrummer as it's the weakest of the three ships at the start. Then after cleaning up the bad guys, I would see which of the other ships needed help then go and help them and so until all the bad guys had been sent packing. Throughout all this the Prometheus would remain in one piece, I'm saving that little surprise for later.

After the 1st wave as been dealt with, between attacks I would have some quick repairs done to all ships. By now, the back-up from the Starbase should have arrive, I would break them up and reinforce my other ships; the Sovereign would go to the Streamrunner, The Nebula would go with the Akira, and the Defiant would be paired with the Galaxy. For the 2nd wave, again the Prometheus would be a rover between the points of action and I still wouldn't use the multi-attack mode.

With the 3rd wave on it's way, I would again have any quick repairs done and get ready for battle. This time I will use the Multi-attack mode and again act like a rover between the points of action, but each ship would have orders if they finish their targets before anyone else help out the other ships and once they've been dealt with, the last one back to the Starbase has to buy the drinks at the Starbase's bar. :rookie:

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