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Your orders captain?


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Thats not entirly true, It maybe space but there is! a correct way up or down. On board you have the privialage of artificale gravity. Even in one of the TNG episodes the Enterprise got flipped over. Picard gave the order to "put us right ensign".  With the Artificale gravity this then comes into effect.

The shuttles are linked to the main ships computer systems it can not start its engines or systems without the surge link from the main ship There go no power in main ship no power for the shuttle.

Again in TNG you saw data and other give precice details i.e 3 seconds from leaving the ship. So Shuttle bay can open and close the door and field without blowing out the entire shuttle bay, Crew and all.

Explain to me exactly what happened in star trek 6 once the cloaked BoP fired it's second photon torpedo at the chancellors ship. now what also happens to current astronauts whilst they're in space. yep looks to me like they hurtled towards the great galactic 'down' and were never seen again....oh wait, they didn't and were, silly me.

also shuttles can and do start under their own power, how do you think they got them off of planets they visited? does voyager land everytime just to retrieve a shuttle? hell no, the shuttle powers up on it's own and flies to voyager.

come on Cormoran, you know that isn't what I'm saying. Theres a precise speed and Angle the shuttle must be at in order to leave the ship. Its the same as the Aircraft on the Carriers. Its where the Creators of Star Trek first got the idea from. If you take off under powered you just get tossed about inspace and more likly you get hurt. Start off at the Wrong angle you can end up hitting the sides or the roof and the Captain wont be too happy with damaging his ship.

In a situation where there's no power and your ships in danger the captain wont give two nubs of goat crap what state you leave the shuttle bay in, so long as you complete your mission. Once again i bring you to the fact that shuttle have their own power, also no it doesnt require a precise speed and direction, it just requires 'forward' and 'somewhere in the direction of the giant hole out into space'.

This sort of thing no one ever likes. Alot of you want to lead be captain of your own ships. Too many of you take that role too lightly. Being the captain you have to make decisions that sometimes will make you the most hated person on ship. Its about numbers 1 life to save milions that sort of thing.  I arn't berating anyone. You don't have to copy the answer exactly.

yet the only answer you accept is the one in the book, most everyone here had very valid answers yet without even guaging their effectiveness you merely dismissed them all as completely wrong.

Infact Cormoran, your behaving exactly like Dina Troi did when she took this sort of test.  It is just something as a commander or a Captain you have to learn and accept.
Are you going to worry about going to a lot of funerals or are you going to be concerned about getting your crew home. Who they depend on you. Would you say to them Sorry I don't want to goto anyones funeral so we all going to die.
1 person getting them self killed so the ship could get home.

I do accept that those decisions have to be made and if i had to make it i would, but the situation you gave us doesn't require it. Especially when you consider the current political climates right after ST:X. after the federation quelled the reman uprising with the help of romulan vessels it'll be likely they wouldn't just fly up and blow a disabled federation ship that's floating dead in space, Infact it could be just as likely that, with the right romulan commander, they might even help you, perhaps your test is simply out of date.


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Report this Apr. 18 2005, 11:54 am

Well one question that needs to be asked---who appointed the original poster arbiter of the "correct" solution?

One thing is for sure, there is never just one correct answer to any situation such as this. To be sure, there are a lot of incorrect ones.

Solution #1 -- The shuttles do not need ship's power to operate. If they did, they'd never leave a planet after landing. Rather silly. No power to operate the doors? Rather simple solution---blast them open, with either the shuttle's on weaponry (every shuttle in NextGen's timeframe had the shows) or use the onboard arsenal to cut open a hole. Don't worry about the doors or losing the atmosphere in the shuttle bay, it won't be needed again anyway. After the shuttle is launched, head into Fed space (which according to the original post isn't too far away since the ship just drifted into the Neutral Zone), make an immediate distress call to the nearest Starbase or outpost, and hang around for the flotilla to arrive to rescue the ship.

The shuttles have their own manuevering thrusters, impulse drive, and in the larger cases, warp drive. They also come equipped with emergency transporters and weapon systems. Manuevering into and out of a shuttle bay without power would be an easy task for any qualified pilot. Carrier pilots routinely land on blacked out/emission-controlled carriers at night during storms at much higher speeds. I'm sure the 24th century will have equally qualified pilots.

Solution #2 -- Launch the ship's log buoy and set it to activate with a locater beacon once safely inside federation space.

Solution #3 -- Modify a probe with an appropriate message and manually launch it into space. There are enough environmental suits around to make this a relatively easy task for some comm and engineering types.

In all of these situations, isolating segments of the ship with closed bulkheads (no power for force fields I assume) would solve the problem of losing atmosphere. Additionally, the ship shuttles have emergency transporters that were shown to be useable several times and could get people transferred externally. Additionally, the airlocks would not take that much power.

One final note in this entire situation with the Romulans---after Nemesis we have some rather high-ranking "friends" in their fleet now that we saved their collective rear ends. Considering the array of power against them after winning the Dominion War, I really doubt the Romulans would piss off the Federation by destroying or otherwise harming a Starfleet ship.

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