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Best Trek Game


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It has to be bridge commander!!


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Birth of the Federation.
Turn based strategy is my favorite can't wait for part II


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Being a VOY-based Trekkie, it could be biased for me to declare that Elite Force pwns all, but, oh well, Noel.  :p

I remember seeing Bride Commander on the rack while I was purchasing Elite Force a while while back. :O Dang, the only one in the store was Mac-compatible, and I'm on PC. Shoot.

Oh well. *waves Elite Force flaglet*


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I liked Klingon Academy.  I liked the story line, and the mini movies between challenges.  The only thing I wished they would have done was come out with a DVD version of the game.  I think it would have been better than 6 CDs.


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Quote (kasimar3 @ Oct. 23 2005, 7:38 pm)
The only thing I wished they would have done was come out with a DVD version of the game.

there's talk of a fan made dvd coming out, but i think there was a limited issue of an official interplay dvd. go to the forums at and ask John, the gent that runs the site. if i remember right he has the official dvd.

ka is my favorite trek game. i also really liked 25th aniversary, starfleet academy, judegement rights, final unity, all the sfc, ef 1, honor guard, and ds9 the fallen.

i didn't like bc or armada.

away team was fair.

got the games but have never played botf (allot to learn in that one!;), conquest online or klingon. have the demo of one called ds9 harbinger, but never saw the actual game. didn't dig the demo though.


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Elite Force 1 was awesome but EF2 Was the best. Are they going to make an expansion for EF2 like they did for EF1? I LOVE EF2!!! CANT WAIT FOR EF3!!!!!!!!:D :D :D


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The Fallen!


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Armada I!!!!!!


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Bridge Commander is already the best

and this download -;48457 - maeks it even better! :p


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Birth of the Federation is my favorite.  I tend to like strategy games over the others.  And where else can I play the Cardassian Union?  Another good thing is I can play it over a long period of time without getting bored.


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I like bridge commander the best


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BC and SFC3...the modding possibilities in both games are pretty extensive.


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Quote (KolathTheKool @ April 21 2005, 10:05 am)
Has to be Elite Force I & II, multi-player seems a little erratic but excellent first-person shooters with cool mod potential to boot. Of ship piloting games, Bridge Commander stands out on top due to the three-dimensional combat and again cool mod potential (i.e. custom ships).

I agree Elite Force 1/2 was the best I wish they made Elite Force 3

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