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You can't be afraid of the wind...


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Report this Mar. 24 2005, 10:01 pm

"You can't be afraid of the wind...." The words the spurred the first Captain past warp 5.

Before there was a Federation, Earth explored the unknown with wide eyed wonder. The crew wanted to look behind every moon, every nebula... they wanted to find out everything about the galaxy. During these early days Starfleet was simply a small collection of ships, few of which could cross the Warp 5 barrier. They "made history with every lightyear". The crews of these first vessels laid the groundwork for what would someday become the Federation. Are you ready to create history?

The SLA: Enterprise Era division offers three NX class vessels, each capable of Warp 5 and each exploring the edge of known space. This wasn't the time of diplomacy found in the 24th Century. People were a little quicker to grab a phaser and a little less likely to talk things over. Here you can truly explore the unknown.  We have a few openings on both the Lexington and Endeavor.  We even have an opening in command for an XO.

The Enterprise Era division offers the Lexington, Lafayette and Endeavor... all waiting for you. Are you ready?

Remember, you can't be afraid of the wind.......

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