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USS Gemini - Galaxy Class


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Report this Mar. 07 2005, 9:43 pm

Hello, I'm Lt. Commander Miranda Toran,

I'd like to tell you a bit about my ship, the USS Gemini.

The USS Gemini is a Galaxy Class cruiser, the time is 2373 - Right at the beginning of the Dominion War.

The USS Gemini sim is a proud member of Bravofleet's Tactical Group 192. The Gemini is a PBEM-RPG, and is currently recruiting!

If your looking for active, experianced simming, look no further! Here is a few of our open positions:

Executive Officer --- Wanna be my right hand Man / Woman / Thing?

Chief Medical Officer --- Be the good doctor!

Chief Engineer --- Have an inborn talent of fixing Warp Cores?

Chief Flight Control Officer --- Steer us toward action!

Chief Operations Officer --- Operating Operations!

Fighter Detachment Executive Officer --- Be the 2nd in charge of piloting!

Fighter Pilot --- Pilot one of our  Rouge Class Fighters!

Chief Runabout / Shuttle / Fighter Mechanic --- Fix the small craft!

Chief Bar / Lounge Manager --- Fix us a drink!

Plus Many, Many More Positions!

Currently, I am undergoing Command Academy Training (after completion, i will be promoted accordingly), and we should be launching here soon!

To check out our site, and apply at:

Thanks for your time, I look foward to having you onboard!

---Lt. Commander Miranda Toran

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