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Why do YOU like Star Trek TOS?


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I'm new to this board, and to Star Trek. I know that I have left more than a few *questionable* posts regarding my affinity for Spock...but I want all to know that I do take the show seriously!

I would love to learn about all of you, and why you are fans of the original series. Really- please describe why you like this show, how you were introduced to it, and what meaning it has for you or how the themes contained within it affect(ed) your life.

Me? I am a fine artist, female, 30, from Los Angeles. I had never seen ANY of Star Trek until about a month ago, and just started working my way through the first season. What a wonderful, archetypal space-fable of a show! It's mimimalist in effects and sets, has very intelligent writing, and phenomenal character developement. The rest is left to the viewers' imagination, like a fine work of art. That's what the impressionists did: present HALF of an image, and let the viewer complete the remainder in his/her mind.

I have read most of these threads, and couldn't agree more with Starbase63's comments regarding the mind/body/soul analogies. In art, you have three primary colours (red/blue/yellow), and can create an infinite number of hues from them, as you can stories from these characters. Their experiences and challenges juxtapose our own, even in the 21st century. Inevitably, we identify with (or are attracted to *blush*) these folks, and utilize their words, ideas, and problem solving skills to our benefit.

Like "Twilight Zone", Star Trek's brilliance must be considered within its relative context in time. Issues like civil rights, war, predjudice, peer pressure, beauty, advances in space exploration and scientific experimentation were SO very important. Cheers to Roddenberry and Serling for taking such big chances (Serling actually had to attend hearings regarding the content of Twilight Zone). However, great writing is TIMELESS, and the themes are still quite applicable today.

So...I'm sure you've all said it before, but why is TOS important to YOU?


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:logical: [B]I am an original fan from 1966. I was a young teen who tuned in because the series was set in the future. It was the story lines that kept me coming back. No more racism, we did not blow ourselves up, and look! there was Chekov-a Russian! on the bridge, so we must someday become friends with the Russians!!. As young as I was I understood what the writers were trying to get across. Even then I knew I needed to overlook the cheesy special effects to see the moral of the stories. Then there was Mr Spock! Sure Kirk was heroic, a great Captain and friend, but I fell in love with Spock. I felt his pain, his loneliness and loved those ears!! I still do. I can only hope our first real meeting with an alien race will be Vulcan-like. This series taught a young girl of the 60's that no matter what a person looked like, we are all the same. We all deserve the same respect and chance at life. I believe Star Trek taught a generation of people how to get along with other people and respect our differences unlike our parents of that time. Maybe if more people had watched the show instead of laughing at us the world would be a better place today.


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I've only been a fan for a few months now (let's see, wow, 4 months on the nose! ). I've resisted it for years, being a Star Wars fan. Mostly what you hear about ST is how lame it is and imitations of William Shatner. So I assumed that's really all there was. Then, one day, I was flipping channels and saw, Oh, Star Trek is on. I should watch it, so at least I can say that I have and know exactly what I'm trashing. Well, almost immediately, I was enthralled. I caught the end of Tomorrow is Yesterday and was just like Whoa! This is pretty good! Luckily, I hit during one of SciFi's marathons, and the first whole episode I ever saw was Court Martial. Now, some may say this episode is a little dull, but it will always have a special place in my heart. I love it! I fell in love with Captain Kirk, identified wholely with Mr Spock, and just loved that doctor who was always ready with a little sarcasm! As I went on watching it, I also started to love that ladies-man-nerdy-engineer-withanaffinityforScotland Scotty and young ensign Russian Inwention (uh, I mean Chekov). I just love Trek and all that Trek is. And those who are Trek, I salute you.


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I am 30 years old, and have been a Trek fan since 1989.

I didn't grow up with a Star Trek family. My dad pretty much likes anything science fiction, and Mom doesn't care for Trek.

I became a fan after seeing Star Trek 5: TFF in theaters. Something about the film just caught my interest. So I guess u can say I am one of the "1980's Movie Fans".

I enjoy the ships, characters, aliens, phasers, stories, the space adventure and the general science fiction of the show. Later, as I got older, I came to appreciate Treks message of Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations and the hope for a future world, with many races and species working together.

My favorite series is TOS (both movies and TV), My Favorite Actor is Mr. DeForest Kelley. Favorite Character is Dr. McCoy.

I enjoy all the spinoff shows and movies. I very much enjoy Enterprise.  I read Trek fiction regularly, and collect figures, posters, memorabilia. I get to the conventions when travel and money permits.

I really enjoy coming to and checking out news and bantering with fellow fans.

One last thing - Star Trek is something special, and I enjoy being a fan.

- Kansas


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I'm a male, I hit 19 Turns... er, Earth years this coming April. I live southeast of the San Francisco Bay Area. I am the author of another science fiction saga (not yet published).

As I was growing up, my siblings watched The Next Generation during its initial run. Occasionally, I'd watch it with them. Then, one day, I saw a broadcast of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock on television and my eyes fell upon the USS Excelsior. That's the moment when my love for Star Trek began to sprout. Beginning around 94/95, I watched Star Trek at every chance I got. I even frequently watched The Motion Picture, which my oldest brother had recorded some years earlier.

Over the years, my loyalty to Trek grew and matured. Now, I watch all 5 Star Trek series equally and I love all 10 movies. I watch it for the starships, the characters, the evolution of the technology, the exploration, and the stories. If it wasn't for Star Trek, I probably wouldn't have discovered my writing talent. Trek, as well as Babylon 5 and Star Wars, continue to serve as inspiration for my writing.



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well im 20 and have been a fan since i was like 14 i think...14 or 13 sometime around there..any whos i was up late one night (like i normaly am) and caught an episode of ST:TOS on the sci-fi channel it was the Paradise syndrom...i laughed so hard that i feel in love with it..from then on out my OCD for the show grew...

i mean my uncle had always been a hard core trekkie so i would watch like TNG every now and again but it wasnt a LOVE of mine till i seen TOS then i fell head over heels in love with trek and now i find myself unable to get enough of it lol


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I first wathced Star Trek when I was about 3 or 4 years old back in the late 60s. I started watching again regularly in 1979, when they finally put the show back on the air where I was living. I always found the show imaginative, creative, and very fascinating. I love the interaction between the crew members, especially that of Kirk and Spock. My favorite episode is The City on the Edge of Forever because it shows how one's actions can change things, even if the event is a minor one (or seemingly minor). My favorite characters are Spock, Kirk and Chekov.


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I started watching Star Trek back in the late 1970's with my father.  He watched trek in snydication.  At the time I loved the uniforms the ship and the characters.  I have seen all the movies in the theatre, and enjoy all spinoffs from the original show.  TOS will always be my favorite...the idea of mankind not blowing itself up and united the planet is a hopeful future.  Trek does and has always put humanitys triumps and weaknesses out there.  We have created very beautiful things and at the same time destroyed beautiful things, we are somewhat of a puzzle and probably would be to some other race if we are to ourselves.  I am 30 and I love Trek


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Well, I was born one month to the day before Star Trek's premiere on NBC in 1966, so I didn't start watching it until about 1978.

At that time, Star Trek was being aired on a low power UHF station, and we lived over 100 miles from the transmitter. I actually taught myself about frequencies, waveforms, and antenna design trying to pick up that UHF station so I could watch Star Trek. I fell in love with it for many reasons.

First, it was one of the few (if not the only) Sci-Fi shows which portrayed humanity as something other than savage barbarians who are out to destroy themselves, or a technologically and physiologically inferior race next up on some alien's list of conquests. I liked the concept of us going out there with confidence, instead of the aliens coming here and scaring the bejezus out of us.

Each character on the show had something to admire, something to emulate.

Kirk, the strong leader, with a surprising capacity for self-doubt, the hero we all always wanted to be.
Spock, the alien, who doesn't understand humans, and whom humans don't understand, the 'nerd' surrounded by jocks.
McCoy, the emotionalist, to whom everything is as black and white as it ought to be but rarely is, the voice of common sense in a world of compromise and appeasement.
Scotty, the consummate professional, to whom no problem cannot be fixed one way or another, a man of skill and dedication upon whom everyone depends.
Sulu, the unflappable one, to whom every crisis is an adventure, and nothing is ever bad enough to get angry about it.
Uhura, whose name means 'freedom', my first celebrity crush, proof that a woman can be a consummate professional and still exude raw femininity.
Chekov, the eternal optimist, who can find something to be proud of in the least likely of places, demonstrating that self-esteem is a state of mind.

These characters were written for and portrayed in a very realistic and believable manner. Because of that, they almost seem like real people. People you could identify with because deep inside, they weren't that much different from you.

But more than anything else, I think the thing I love about Star Trek the most, is that it never insulted my intelligence. The staff and crew went to great lengths to present science that was plausable and functional. No giant cigar shape with windows, but a Starship that looked like something you might expect to see if you traveled 250 years into the future.


That little kid with his bent coat-hangers and tinfoil attached haphazardly to a 13" TV watching Star Trek through static and a snowy picture is still inside me. And to him, the Enterprise is really out there. In an alternate universe, or from some other Earth on the other side of the galaxy, or far out in the future. She's real, and Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest are still boldly going...


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Wow, Ike Clanton, I'm truly moved. Great post...
I was born in '62 and actually caught a few of the TOS series when they originally aired because my parents and older brother loved the show (I remember "Balance of Terror" and "Shore Leave" from that time).  Later, I started watching them in syndication on Channel 11 in New York (went to a convention in 1975) - and was hooked ever since. The original Star Trek really helped set up my view of the world - total equality for men and women, total acceptance of differences, racial and otherwise.  The strong moral fiber of the show really resonated with me, along with the belief that humans would not destroy themselves, that exploration was better than violence... so many wonderful themes and wonderful heros and heroines...


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I love tos .... I guess because I grew up with it.... I was a young child in the late 60s and can remember watching some of the episodes on NBC on Thursday, then Friday nights....  mostly the second and third season.... on a black and white TV.  I loved Kirk.... I thought Spock was kind of strange....  

I loved the characters alot!!  The stories were wonderful.....  I enjoyed the action and science fiction.....   as lovethosespacemen mentioned....  Twilight Zone ....tos and Twlight Zone were my two favorite TV shows ever !!!  Honestly, tos is the only thing I watch on TV  now........ except for trek movies.....


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I started watching it on syndication <--spelling? back in the early 70s. It came on around 6PM weekdays and just fell in love with it.


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The first episode i saw was the cage. It was on my 9th Birthday in 1992. I live in the UK so i think it was the first time they had shown the Cage on TV over here, i thought it was fantastic and have loved it ever since.


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well im 18..DOB 15/05/1986 i of course have only seen re-runs of TOS but it remains my my second favourite after DS9. With TOS it gives a sense of Adventure. I got this feeling also in ENT you only get a feeling that they are trying to make it as realistic as possible..a noble cause i msure but is it what we want?


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Why do I like it? Because it's a great show! It has drama, comedy, tragedy, suspense, morals etc. How could anybody not like it is beyond me.

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