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Report this Feb. 20 2005, 11:51 pm

=/\= MANTICORE BRIEFING #349, STARDATE 50502.21 =/\=  
The Manticore was sent to Wolf 359 to take part in the memorial service to those who lost their lives fighting there.  Our orders from the Consul General are to discover the ships and crews involved in a plot to violently disrupt the event in order to implicate alien governments and start a war.  After sensors picked up an anomoly behind the USS Hawk and Atragon ordered a phase-cloaked shuttle THROUGH the Hawk, he was relieved of Command and restricted to his quarters.  An away team has beamed into the unknown anomoly and found it to be a Romulan cruiser with explosives onboard and many dead Romulans held in stasis fields throughout the ship.  Our team has just defused the bombs.
=/\= END MANTICORE BRIEFING #349, STARDATE 50502.21 =/\=

The USS Manticore is an advanced simulation sponsored by the Star Trek Simulation Forum. Although play is restricted to pre-assigned crew members who have graduated from Starfleet Academy, all are welcome to come watch. The game begins at 11 pm ET Monday nights in the Ready Room chat area accessible here at
A Starfleet Academy open to all interested participants is being held at 10 pm ET Monday evening in the Holodeck chat area at There are no membership requirements to play and everyone is encouraged to participate.
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