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Yo Ho Ho and a Barrel of Gagh


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Report this Feb. 20 2005, 12:17 am

Qapla Warriors!

Are you tired of the same Federation simming experience being copied countless times over? Ready for a sim that will challenge your abilities to write? Ready for a sim where the characters smell bad?

The I.K.S. RanKuf a Klingon bird of prey set in the 24th Century is currently taking applications for ready and able warriors ready to fight and die for the Empire. Our missions involve war, diplomacy and good ole' duels!

If your ready for a change join us we are always welcoming to new warriors!

Just look out for the serving wench Grill'na she does not like to be bothered.

The RanKuf only accepts Klingon officer as we are a sim involving the Empire, if interested please go to

StarFleet Legacy Alliance

And apply for our sim!

For the Empire!

HoD M'kal
Commanding Officer
I.K.S. RanKuf

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