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Every DOS Star Trek game ever made....


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Report this Feb. 04 2005, 12:49 am

Several months in the making, I'm delighted to finally announce the latest accomplishment of our title page creation project:

*52* separate pages covering a grand total of 55 DOS Star Trek games!

Besides being the platform I grew up with, the DOS PC is the second most successful Star Trek gaming platform in history--right behind Windows in terms of game quantity. The Trek games available for DOS, in my opinion, are also some of the most original and varied in Trek gaming history. From 1982 to 2002, we saw the everything from the greatest selling Star Trek game of all time (Star Trek 25th Anniversary) to the greatest "SST adaptation" of all time (EGA Trek). We saw the beginnings of the Simon & Schuster (Star Trek The Kobayashi Alternative), Interplay (25th Anniversary), and Microprose (Star Trek TNG "A Final Unity") eras. We see....

...virtual reality games:
3D Trek, Beam - Up Version 2.0

...pinball games:
the Dawnsoft pinball games

...some of the best SST adaptations:
Star Trek: The Nth Interation, Visual Star Trek

...THE most faithful SST clones:
Star Trek, Super Star Trek

...a bunch of simulators:
Begin - A Tactical Starship Simulation, NexTrek, SIMTrek, Star Trek Command Operations Simulator, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tactical, Trek73, Turbo Trek, THE WARP FACTOR

...a few trivia games (including those from the future founders of Apogee Games):
The Alcor Trivia Pro Classic Star Trek, Star Trek: Assault, Star Trek The Next Generation: TRIVIA, Trek Trivia

...the first and only tribble game:
Tribbles The Next Generation

...Borg encounters:
BorgWar, Star Trek Borg, Star Trek The Second Encounter

...a movie tie-in:
Star Trek V The Final Frontier

...a parody:
Star Trek - The Last Generation

...(and) four of the greatest Star Trek games ever made (IMO):
Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Star Trek Judgment Rites, Star Trek The Next Generation "A Final Unity", Star Trek Deep Space Nine Harbinger

It was a wonderful platform with a rich and unforgettable history. I hope you enjoy your "trek" back through time! ;)


Since I definitely didn't do all this by myself, thanks go out to our content developer, rta-man, for the majority of the page work and to kv1at3485 for game research assistance! Any comments, questions, suggestions, or bug reports are welcome, as always, ...and I dare anyone to find a DOS game we don't list!


Note: Every DOS game we can confirm is listed except for a certain few really terrible, incomplete, or "utility" titles (details on request) and games with adult content.


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Report this Feb. 05 2005, 4:42 pm

I think I will have to build a computer that will play older games. Borg is a good game, as is Armada which I can't run on XP anymore.


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Report this Feb. 06 2005, 1:49 am

I completely agree!  I LOVE the old DOS games and honestly find the new games a little boring and same-old, same-old shoot 'em up, or fly around accomplishing missions with little ingenuity.  

Now, at the risk of sounding incredibly dumb, we CAN still play those games on most of our new computers, right?  We run so much stuff on Windows now, but we DO have DOS, don't we?  Sorry, I've got a pre-packadged DELL and it takes me a while to figure these things out.  Most of my computer experience with a computer expert around (my brother) was run on Windows 95. I got rather proficient on that computer. Anyway, on my last computer, I could run an old DOS game but I think it had been configured for use with Win 98, but it definitely had a few bugs.  
So, they CAN be run through DOS on a new computer or not?


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Armada recently stopped working for me after the lastest DirectX was released. I now have graphic and sound related problems.

DOS doesn't work with XP. I believe there are ways of trying to get DOS programs to work but there is no guarantee.


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Report this Feb. 08 2005, 5:29 pm

^I built a gaming computer to play old and new Trek games. It certainly is nice to have such a machine, but it requires selecting the right hardware to work with both. For example, I bought a Sound Blaster AWE 64 Gold ISA card for DOS compatibilty, but any of the Live! models should work just as well. ...but forget about running Windows 3.1 on a separate DOS partition with any video card made in the past five years!

byuliz: Unfortunately, today's PCs are very hostile towards DOS games. Even earlier Win 95 games are having lots of trouble anymore! This isn't to say that it isn't possible, but you'll probably need help in the form of free software tools and a determined attitude.


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Report this Feb. 09 2005, 11:30 pm

i have slight issuse on both my xp machines.  In my desktop, the sound is a bit messed up, but the mouse sensitivity is 2x slower than what it should be.  My laptop runs it better.  The mouse is fine, but the sound problem is a bit worse, which i can live with.  It makes me happy :p


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Report this Feb. 22 2005, 11:07 pm

Added two more DOS games: Borg Nukem and Kill the Wuss.

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