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what would the game makes special...


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Report this Jan. 29 2005, 3:43 pm

hi to all,
this is my first entry here and well i've just registered because of the upcoming online game...

there are many online games out there, but this star trek game would be the first one, i buy (if it becomes good).

i hope the guys at perpetual are fans like we are... if not... forget it and do chess-simulations!

my first thinkings after reading the press release were:
wow, which great potential. for example time-travellings... there have been time-travel storys in each series... what not in an online game, too ?

would be very interesting, if it would be possible to travel to the future or into the past...
of course there has to be a kind of balancing, but it would be very cool to put all star trek times together.. flying arround with the original 1701 or with the nx01... take the command of the enterprise e or ships in this category...

well... a big potential.

very cool stuff ... for example you take the controll of YOUR ship with your friends, which are your crew... leaving space dock ... your ship isn't the best but it's a little tough thing and you have many memories binding you to it...
"course laid in, captain" ... the ship engages with warp 7 into the next adventure... friendly and enemy spiecies out there... space anomalies, unknown worlds... new civilsiations ... to boldly go, where no one has gone before...

there are so many possibilities...

big task.. please remember which responsability you have taken perpetual.


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