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So your a Vulcan now what?


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Report this Jan. 27 2005, 1:31 pm

Well with Vulcan as 1 of the 3 races in STO planned for launch, how do you want to see them handled as a Race?

1. Do you want the Vulcan Homeworld there at launch?
If so how deatal would you like to see it? You know POI sites, or keep it simple.

2. Should the mind meld play a roll for player Vulcans? If so should you have to meditate first before using it?

3. Would you like to see the neck pinch?

4. Would you like to see cultural items for the Vulcans to use as decor in your living quarters?

5. Do you want Vulcan clothes to wear, when not on duty?

Those are a few questions I have, I would like to see all of that, and anything else that goes with being a Vulcan. Any Race that is added to STO needs to have as much as can get put into the game with them, so you can RP properly.

Just my 2 cents. Anyone else have a thought?

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