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Report this Jan. 22 2005, 9:32 pm

Hello All!

    Well, I just wanted to inform everyone of a site called, Jameyson's Trekkies.  It's very similar to STSF.  You come on a date and time when you are availible, and you have fun role-playing.  The site is not just a message forum role-playing, it's mainly an online chat-based Star Trek role-playing game.
    As of right now (6:00 P.M. Pacific--9:00 P.M. Eastern) there is a game going on right now!  Don't worry being late, we can fit you in any time.
    I would like to attend a simulation, where do I go?  All users will attend Starfleet Academy.  The simulations for Starfleet Academy is ALWAYS located in the Cargo Bay.  So look for that link when you arrive on the site.

    Do I need to sign up?  Nope!  Just simply show up!

    To visit the site, click here.
    To visit the login page of the Cargo Bay, click here.

    If you would like to visit the schedule, to see when the next sim takes place, click here.

    There is no need for role-playing experience.  Don't worry!  I or on of the other GMs will love to help you.

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