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Report this Jan. 20 2005, 7:48 am

thxs alot for the updated faq some of its whats we've been expecting some of it isnt :)

i have a couple of questions if your able to answer them

What will galactic navigation be like?
Galactic navigation will be fairly straightforward. Once you have selected the location, navigation and warp settings are automatic. Travel is very quick.

are you worried this may make the game seem small ? also are you planning to have things interrupt the journey on the way from a to b distress call etc this is something thats been playing on the communities mind and my own in particular

What will ground combat be like?
Our fast-paced FPS system is going to take advantage of many of the skills and abilities seen in Star Trek: using heavy weapons, energy shields, pattern enhancers, and more.

im glad you put this in its a very forward way of thinking for a MMO how are you going to deal with lag and latency ? for people in places other than america is there plans for a euro server at this time ?

anyway thxs alot for FAQ sure this will keep us going for a few months :)

oh one last question any idea what quarter of 2006 for beta yet ?

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