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What does it mean to be a Klingon?


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Report this Jan. 18 2005, 1:42 pm

To me it means you have a system of Honor you MUST live up too. You need to be strong in your dealings with others, and don't show a sign of weakness.

Conquest is the way of life, and to not have battles makes a lasy warrior.

If your a Captain, you better make sure your a good one, or you will get challanged by a junior officer.

To get the best ships, you MUST prove yourself worthy. If not your stuck with a small Bird of Prey, or get assigned to out of the way outposts.

The Klingon life to be can be very hard and not for rookies. So if you pick this lifestyle in the game one day, you better be ready for a round of pain sticks. hehe

So what does being a Kilingon mean to you, from what you seen of them?

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