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Ship Death


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Report this Jan. 14 2005, 7:51 pm

It has already been stated that you can get permainantly assigned to a specific ship. I, also read, that perma death has already been ruled out for you character. So what about your ship. If you and your crew are on a mission, and your ship gets destroyed, should it be permanant. Just retire that ship, and get assigned to a new one. Any thoughts.


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No perma death for player ships either.
Although major repair is a bad thing.
- Mitch


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How easy do you plan for ship death to be? =/


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No... you need ship death... you would lose a whole shiz load of players if there was no ship death.. how would u fight wars? once u destroy a ship people get lesser classes this is how u advance... I urge u to reconsider permanent ship death...if u cant lose ur ship... people would just go blazing into battle.. and other ships would fire on them.. I mean really what is the point of a ship firing on u if ur ship cant be destroyed?


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Well I hope that the starships aren't invulnerable. There should be times where you get so much damage that people can't live aboard the ships.

I think that Perpetualadmin needs to explain the Perma-Death thing thoroughly with examples.


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You folks sure assumed the worst fairly quickly!

remember, people LIVE on these ships, people's stuff is in their cabins and you've possibly spent weeks or months of your time and energy upgrading these ships. There are probably a bunch of people who logged off in their cabins fully expecting to go on an away mission in the morning.

and you want permadeath?

I certaintainly can see harsh penalties. I can certainly see being dead in the water asking for rescue. I can even see getting boarded and having some of your upgrades stolen. but I can't imagine perma death for ships working. If anything the ships are more valuable than you are!
- Mitch


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ofcourse we assume the worst, we've been playing extremely bad MMO's half our lives :p

OK, i think alot of the people here are thinking in the context of PvP which has already been stated wont be fully in the initial release.

But say we get into a battle with a few klingon NPC ships, what will happen if we lose said battle? would the ship be destroyed and have to undergo a hugely extensive reconstruction (however keeping things like cabins and personal items fully intact) or will the ship merely be disabled?

With no ship destruction what would the effect (if it's possible to do this) of ramming a ship be?

This also brings about the question will NPC ships be destroyable or will we only be able to disable them?


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Cormoran From the wording of other posts. I have a good feeling NPC ships with no players aboard; will be seeing big big beautiful explosions. with very little left from these explosions. No game is complete without explosions, everybody knows that.

As for what effect would defeat be?

Your in a battle, how does the enemy defeat you?

Your a Sabre class and your up against a warbird. They decloak and the first shot disables warp and subspace/comm. So you can't run and you can't call for help. They then rip you apart and shields are killed and like everything is knocked out.

Abandon ship or being boarded and having your whole crew killed.

If abandon ship happens, you should have a choice of going for lifepod or shuttlebay. depending where you are. Bridge crew should be going lifepod. Lifepods should be untargetable. If person goes shuttle/fighter then they can leave minimal power on that way the warbird won't detect the ship, and they can hope that the romulans don't try to board. Or they can try to be quick and warp out to get out of the jamming subspace so they can get help. Chances are though, you might need a fleet to beat a warbird. Always leave in lots of option. Of coarse there can be the chance the warbird can target the shuttlebay and destroy it and everything inside, before any abandon ship.

Then again chances are the warbird would be so strong that they could hit any shuttle that is trying to flee.


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No.. there needs to be permanent ship death.. I dont care if I spent a year on a ship... if ships dont die... wars would be contradictory.. can u imagine being in the middle of a firefight and ships are firing on u... but u cant be destroyed, so u just sit there and wait for rescue while enemies surround u..
No permanent ship death is needed or the game will stand still and turn into a base/shell MMO which really sucks...


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Quote (PerpetualAdmin @ Jan. 14 2005, 9:16 pm)

In any good rpg.  There is always a chance you will die.  I don't mind if I die. Growth only comes from suffering. Sometimes there is glory in it.
Here's are possible NON-permadeth ship situations though.

  (super simplified)After your ship is destroyed you all end up in your orange spacesuits and you should have to guild together again and 'snap and click' the ship back together.
  If rescue ship arrives before completion ship fixed + 50%
  Total time: Fifteen minutes?

   (simplified)If close into UFP space as soon as a nearby ship arrives your ship is repaired 50% and you go on.
    Total time: 5 minutes?

(sorta complex) From the wreckage you have to build habitation from snap and click modules and create a torus and put it into a zero gravity (Lagrange) point between the nearest stellar bodies.  Crew 'classes' become super important in this situation.  Guild training essential.  You should also have to find and mine a water source.
   Then use shuttles and solar sail vehicles to collect collect mining content and put it in the center of your torus (zero gravity area: industry zone) Large prefab parts emerge (based on what ship you choose to build) As the predetermined number of starship parts comes out (spacedock parts first) all start putting them together until ship is rebuilt.  At 50% repaired all long range communication is recreated.

   It sounds harder than it is if a computer displays just where everything goes in your HUD.
   Literally like 'snap and click' model building.  
   Total Time...One hour to rebuild(unless you have lots of experience and then collective repair time could be a factor)?

(very complex)  You get the idea.


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There is no way perma-death is possible....come to reality people..

Consider this... Consider you starship is your HOUSE. It has your pride pocessions, your own decortions, and your own tweaks...Then everytime you use it you could die...and lose everything... Im sorry...thats NOT possible...No sane developer would want to PREVENT people from doing missions if it means you'll lose EVERYTHING. How many people BOTHER to do combat? I know I die lots of times when im a newbie...and would i expect I will grow...when I lose my things everytime?

There a plenty of canon ways you can get around could be knockedout and wake up at a starbase...with ur ship in drydock. You could be rescued..or you could automatically be beamed to ur escape pod


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I can see somewhat of an easy solution to the ship destruction problem. Since there is no character permadeath. The way around player death is have something where the players can go and save their game. Some kind of transporter which would hold their game data incase they die. So instead of starting over all over again they would revert back to their last "Save Point"

As for ship destruction. If your part of a fleet and you sent out a distress signal. Your fleets can come and salvage your ship and take you back to a drydock and your ship would be repaired within two hours or so. It may not be a solution but its a step in the right direction. It would be a penalty of sorts for them to wait for that long.

If not part of a fleet and if there are any surviving shuttles players may take them to a starbase of their federation/empire. And request NPC assistance for a salvage op.

As for decor and other items which are placed in your quarters. Maybe the player could put some kind of an insurance on the items. If they are destroyed or lost in space they can be replaced


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Draven84 your ship destruction ideas are great, i just so happen to post that very idea 4 posts up.

Your character permadeath is sort of wierd. It seems like if anyone wishes to live, they just log off. Thats very Diablo 2 like, not very MMO like.

There are other ways like JazH said. There has been many threads on this idea.


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Why don't they just set up several "safe" areas and when your ship is "destroyed" it goes to the closest one, take some penalties, and go on.


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I can see the shuttle Idea being the same sorta. I think that the salvage op option working very well. Clans/Guilds/Fleets, or what ever you call them can invest salvaged materials and or to building an npc scavenger ship. Which would be of basic design. When a salvage op is requested they ship will move out and recover about 90% of you ship, and you will just have to pay for the missing 10%.

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