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Report this Jan. 14 2005, 4:44 pm

These are the first pictures from Titan:

I just saw the news and an ESA official said that it possibly looks like Titan's got a atmosphere comparable to the eraly stages of earth.
He also mentioned, according to the latest pictures, that it seems like there are liquid methan oceans, lakes and rivers... :)

Same pictures on other sites:,tid=i.jpg



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It's hard to believe it's 2005. I remember when they first launched Cassini. It's so weird.

Random comment of course.


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Great links!


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The radar echo sounded like an old NES game.


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This is the first of the many baby steps to come


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This was much, much harder than getting Viking to Mars in the 1970's. This may have been humanity's greatest space endeavor yet. Saturn is a very, very long ways away - much further than Mars at any given moment. And to get a ESA probe there via a U.S. mothership which also served as communications relay satellite ... that was all very cool. And to slow it down to zero on the surface of a planet, that was all very cool, too.

Actually I'm surprised about how relatively calm and clear Titan is. But, this may be just the calm before the storm where the probe landed. And if there's anyplace where I'd expect a furry beast with a lot of blubber to come to the camera to pose, it would be Titan.

The NASA site is HERE

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