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Report this Jan. 12 2005, 1:39 pm

Hello star trek fans!

I wanted to advertise a yahoo role play group that is looking for members to join! I promise you that you'll find this group interesting! Try to check it out at least. The members already in the group are enthusiastic and there's lots of posting going on. This is your chance to be involved in the world of DS9 and incorrportate some of your ideas and characters into that universe. We need players for original characters still, including Captain Sisko, Dr.Bashir, Major Kira, Odo, Martok, Worf and many others! In only a few short days there is going to be a Cardassian attack on the station. Get involved! Have fun! The time line for DS9 is approx the year 2371, and the Dominion is just coming into the picture. Also, if timeline fits you may bring in other characters from other series including Voyager and TNG!

Katal T'Kassus

P.S. This is a rated group, therefore sex and sexual situations are allowed. Being 18 or older is not mandatory however, as long as you are aware of the content.ST_deep_space_9


GROUP: Members


Report this Jan. 13 2005, 8:35 am

To sign up for a certain character you first have to join the group.  They are first come first serve and you can have anyone that has not yet been taken!  All that have been taken include the following:
Jadzia Dax
Jake Sisko
Miles O'Brien

All others are available!! Please join and check it out!  We are especially looking for a Captain Sisko!


P.S. If you are interested in joining and wish to reserve a character please notify me asap and it will be reserved for one weeks time!

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