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USS Scharnhorst


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Report this Jan. 09 2005, 3:33 pm

The year is 2297 and the place is onboard the USS Scharnhorst, a Constitution class sim. There was a time when hostilities with the Klingons had officially ended annd the words "Resistance is Futile" did not ring in your ears.

Current Mission: [I]A Speedy Departure[/U]

The USS Scharnhorst sets our on her first mission to provide aid to Tango V. This planet was heavily damaged after it was attacked by an unidentified vessel. The Federation Embassy on the planet is heavily damaged and personnel are still missing. Our mission is to provide medical aid, food & water, rescue stranded survivors, and to find the missing.

Open Positions:

Chief Engineer
Chief Helmsman
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Navigator
Chief Services Manager

Plus all assistant positions and enlisted positions.

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