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Enterprise: Asteroids and Star Trek: Tour of Duty


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Report this Jan. 07 2005, 11:52 pm

The administrator of the SpacedockBBS, Mentat Tir, is also the programmer of two really good Windows games I found posted on that BBS.They now have title pages at TrekPulse:

Enterprise: Asteroids | download
Star Trek: Tour of Duty | download

Enterprise: Asteroids is pretty much the first game based on Enterprise and is an adaptation of the classic Asteroids arcade game. You control the NX-01 and have to fight off Suliban pod ships, Klingon warships, and Romulan warbirds in addition to asteroids, of course. I love the little touches like impulse engine exhaust, different phaser/disruptor effects, and well designed ship images.

Star Trek: Tour of Duty puts you in charge of the Enterprise-D in a vertical (later horizontal) scrolling space shooter (like Galaxian and its many sequels/adaptations). You face a minefield, Jem'Hadar attack ships, and a final confrontation with a prototype Borg cube. Destroyed craft leave Starfleet symbols you can collect to spend on one of several upgrades, giving the game extra replay value. I blew a couple hours on this one the first day! :)

EDIT: Sorry, I mixed up the download links! :blush:

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