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Calling All Armada 2 modders!


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Report this Jan. 05 2005, 5:00 pm

Hello all, thank you in advance.

I want to use the Seperating Soverign model that can be found on AFC to replace the Enterprise, maybe for my own use, maybe for my very own mod. How do I edit the rules of the Federation missions and the Borg missions to have the following scenario:

1. The Enterprise-E can have Saucer Separation, the Saucer can be destroyed, but the StarDrive can't.
2. In the mission where the Enterprise-E is damaged, have it just be the StarDrive, with an Objective to acquire enough materials to re-build the Enterprise-E Saucer Section in the next mission, after the StarDrive is repaired.
3. Whenever the StarDrive of the great U.S.S. Enterprise-E is destroyed, I want the "The Enterprie has been destroyed" to be: "The U.S.S. Enterprise-E StarDrive has been destroyed"

And finally, have the StarDrive of the Hero ship be unable to be built.


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