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Ship Control


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Report this Dec. 31 2004, 12:41 am

Obviously whenever a real person can't take a station or something NPC will take ontrol. I think that's likely to happen.

I think it would be much better if who is on the crew are based on the guilds. And there are only so many ships one guild can have based on prestige and such. Therefore you don't get the one person per ship with lots of NPC's on a galaxy class.

While your in the academy you basically are forced to join a guild and these people will help each other along and this way command structure does happen. Then the rank in the guild won't be designated by like when you joined or anything, but your like experience/prestige level or whatever.

hen withn this, maybe say you start your guild at like 5 people. With those people you can command venture class or sabre or something tiny. Once you gain enough guild prestige you can upgrade you ship to say to Nova or something a bitbigger. OR buy a new venture or something for some new recruits Then you split you orignal crew and they disperse accordingly. Or you can buy the new bigger ship. Have the higher ranked people take the officers places and the new cadets work the minor jobs.

Of coarse one can be a very good tactical officer on like a galaxy class or something where there is lots of competition and less likely to get promotion. So you leave this guild goto another guild with like an Akira and since your good, your good enough to become captain. Well as long as your get majority vote to join the guild. On the otherhand if your a guildless cadet, you should be able to join any guild you wish with no problems. Just remembering it's best to join newer guilds or start one rwith other cadets, as you have better chance for good positions.

Once a guild becomes very strong they should be able to control a starbase which is where they can advertise they are looking for cadets and other members.

Of coarse you are never forced to join a guild. But gainging enough guild prestige on your own will be pretty difficult to get new better ships. On your own You might be able toi get like Sabre or Nova if you work ALOT. Making Pirate guilds look very interesting.

Man I can't wait for this game. At least BETA. Wat  ya think about this?

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