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Report this Dec. 30 2004, 1:51 pm

Generations at War will be starting Saturday, January 1st, 2005 at 12:01 EST.

Battle Clinic (thank you cue for your rapid response!;):
SFC3 Files
GameSpot DLX (recommended for 56k users)

Race registration:
There is no cap on race registration, in order to get on the server and obtain the password for your race, you must go to
and ask for access to your race forum.

Rules are simple this round, it will be a 2 week long campaign using OA2 and it will be a land grab camp.

Kill points: must have screen shot, and each kill will be worth 100 points.

Base kill points: must have screen shot, and each kill will be worth 50 points. Neutral bases are not included in this.

GAW will be using the 3 eras, the first 4 days will be TOS era, the next 4 days is TMP and the remaining 6 Days will be TNG.


Fresh install of SFC3

GAW will require 534b patch which can be obtained from

Main Download can be obtained from the following locations

and mirrored at these locations

Gamespot adds mirror (recommended for 56k users).

2.01 patch can be found hear[U][/U][I][/I][B][/B]

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